The existing DrugBase will be further developed into a new web application - DrugBasePlus. This offers you a comprehensive research opportunity on many pharmaceutical topics and contents.


Databases are regularly taken over from the existing DrugBase and offered in a new look and with new functions in DrugBasePlus.

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Databases in the DrugBasePlus

Find information quickly and easily from the following databases.
More will follow as part of further development.

  • ABDA Database

    Drug information for research and practice. A comprehensive collection of facts and figures.

    Data in German.

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  • Paediatric Dosage Handbook

    The helpful assistant for pharmacists and physicians in private and hospital practice, providing an instant overview of dosages and uses.

    Data in German

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  • Index Nominum

    The international database for medicinal substances, commercial preparations, manufacturer addresses, synonyms and chemical structures from 163 countries.

    Data in English.

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  • American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information

    Trusted information for safe and effective drug therapy - independent, up to date and reliable.

    Data in English.

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  • Scribas Table

    Quick, clear and comprehensive information on prescription drugs.

    Data in German.
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  • ASHP® Injectable Drug Information™

    Provides fast, well-arranged and comprehensive Information about compatibility and stability of injectible drugs.

    Data in English.

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  • Normdosen

    A standard work for pharmacy, clinic and doctor's practice - condensed overview of dosages, routes of administration and prescription.

    Data in German language.
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  • Fiedler - Encyclopedia of Excipients

    A unique database of excipients used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other products.

    Data in English.
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  • Hager's Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Substances and Drugs

    The standard reference work for pharmacists in practice, teaching and research
    Data in German language
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  • Only one search field for all searches
  • Intelligent support when entering search terms through auto-completion
  • Precise limitation of search results using filters

How to log in?


Companies and institutions with a fixed IP can have this activated for the use of DrugBasePlus. Without a fixed IP you can log in with an individual access code.


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